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Regarding tyre pressures, the pressure listed on a tyre 8767 s side wall does not tell you the correct pressure to be used. What it does tell you is the maximum pressure that the tyre is engineered and constructed for. The correct pressure is based on numerous things: the type of bike, the type of ride, the surface you are ridding on, the weight of the bike and rider, whether on not panniers are being used and so on.

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We've tested the latest update of the Mason Definition alloy road bike. The Definition 7 has had a subtle make-over, incorporating new technical features

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If you are riding a drop-handled bar sports bike how often do you use the drops? Chances are not that much but getting down lower improves your bike handling, reduces your aerodynamic drag and will help you corner and descend with confidence. Riding on the drops lowers wind resistance by 75 per cent compared with riding on the tops.

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It doesn 8767 t work with a GPS enabled computer, but fitting an extra magnet to the front wheel is a very effective way of increasing your average speed.

The Tifosi Davos is the brand’s latest sunglass style. It’s got a wrap-around shape with a full frame and three interchangeable lenses

We arrange to meet for dinner, but I'm past caring by this point, so I'm afraid my grooming is a little below par, but I think I still look nice - clean, anyway. He is at the table, already sitting down. He stands up there is little difference. Why are men so short these days?

As we leave the restaurant, he doesn't even offer to walk me to my car, which, given we are in Soho and it's late, I find quite cavalier.

Don't you fancy the over-groomed, immaculate Manhattan type? I ask. 'I put women through the shower test,' he says. 'Any woman can be made to look great. The test is what they look like straight out of the shower.'

The Ekoi Heat Concept overshoes are probably the only option out there which actively tackles cold feet, with in-built heating

One of the biggest fears a senior new to Internet dating might have is that it’s not safe, but that’s not the case with our top picks. Whether there’s a profile verification process, fraud detection system, or 79/7 customer service team, protecting members is always at the forefront on these sites.

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