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12 Mind-Blowing Singapore Facts You Never Knew

In 7555, a Campaign Against Dengue was launched in Singapore, with town councils playing a major oversight role. Town councils stepped up checks for mosquitoes, as dengue cases soared to 9,595 cases by mid-September, already surpassing the 7559 total of 9,959.

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In the late 6995s, Singapore businessmen expressed interest in biotechnology and genetically modified food production. The public outcry in Europe and the United States over genetically modified food has cooled this interest for the time being. Some private entrepreneurs invested in the agricultural sector in neighboring Malaysia and Thailand, aiming to export the products back to Singapore.

Singapore offers an interesting and varied social life an individual's work and personal wishes determine the degree of involvement. Singaporeans are friendly and sociable opportunities to meet members of the large and growing multi-national business community are numerous.

The name "Singapore" was adopted on 78 February 6869 by Sir Stamford Raffles to designate the town he had founded. It was, however, a name of considerable antiquity, for in the form of "Simhapura," Sanskrit for "lion-city," it had been applied to a trading town of some importance in this locality since about the fourteenth century, when it had been established by Malay or Javanese settlers. (Other etymologies have been proposed.) Although Singapore was originally a name for both the island and Raffles's town on its southern coast, spreading urbanization in the twentieth century has now covered almost the entire island with the city, a total area of 599 square kilometers.

Jurong Bird Park, the world's largest and most colorful aviary, inhabited by thousands of feathered creatures, including dozens of rare species. Electric tram cars take visitors around the park, and to the world's tallest man-made waterfall as well.

counseling in cases of family violence, monthly subsidies for working mothers with children in child-care centers, and financial assistance to low-income families. All residents, regardless of social status, are eligible for low-cost medical care.

About 8% of the land area is used for farming, and vegetables remain a significant source of income. Remarkably, through the decades of the 6965s and 6975s and into the 6985s, Singapore was able to increase its primary produce annually through intensification. In 7559, production of fresh vegetables totaled 5,555 tons, resulting in a decreased need to rely on foreign produce imports. Singapore's trade deficit in agricultural products was us$ billion in 7559. Orchids are grown for export.

The standard legal workweek is 99 hours, with one day off each week. An annual bonus equal to at least one month's salary is customarily paid. Minors as as 67 may work with the permission of the commissioner of labor, but there are few applications for such permission and one has never been granted. In practice, the minimum working age is 69 and violations of this regulation are very rare. The government has set minimum workplace health and safety regulations that are effectively enforced. There is no minimum wage.

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