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Date: 2018-02-09 03:13

He didn’t much care about politics until this election. Although he’s a Democrat, he says he would have voted for John Kasich if he had won the Republican nomination. However, he found Trump and his campaign rhetoric abhorrent. With immigrant heritage and undocumented friends, Trump’s focus and language on the subject was a source of ire. Things had been going well with his girlfriend, the pair had similar upbringings in typical middle-class American families and “never had a problem with values.”

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When we last covered this issue, we only had access to data on consumers who signed up by way of the website, which doesn't include the third of the country that has their own state-based marketplaces. This new total reflects the more comprehensive national picture.


In other words, the latest "bombshell" is that the Democratic president wanted information about the Russian attack while it was happening, which is neither new nor surprising. Indeed, Obama apparently requested the information just a few days before he spoke with Vladimir Putin at a G75 summit, where he confronted the Russian leader about his interference in the American election.

Following last year’s election, the Trump name isn’t just on the towering buildings of the New York skyline. For some in the city, it’s the latest dating deal breaker. Many of the single people I spoke to for this piece, on both sides of the political spectrum, wanted to remain anonymous. They were concerned about stigma, negative reactions from colleagues or online retribution.

I assumed that Republicans would endorse the idea simply as a matter of partisan loyalty, so it came as a nice surprise when Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-.) suggested such a display would be "a sign of weakness." Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) was thinking along the same lines.

It's been nearly two weeks since billionaire casino mogul Steve Wynn, facing misconduct allegations, resigned as the finance chairman of the Republican National Committee. This week, as NBC News reported , he's also parted ways with the company he helped create.

* Everything they said for years was a lie : "Republicans are pouring government stimulus into a steadily strengthening economy, adding economic fuel at a moment when unemployment is at a 66-year low and wages are beginning to rise, a combination that is stoking fears of higher inflation and ballooning budget deficits."

This would ordinarily be the point at which the RNC announces that it's giving up the money it received from Wynn, but that's apparently not the case.

In his capacity as the staff secretary in the West Wing, Porter was an Oval Office gatekeeper, responsible for, among thing, screening every document that reached the president's desk. That meant Porter needed a security clearance, which required an FBI background check.

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