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Roe: There is selection bias here. Presumably, nice, decent men whom people have sex with do not write in to Salon to complain about being virgins. In addition, it is possible (in my experience with adult male virgins, probable) that he has other major factors that interfere with his attractiveness, such as being very conventionally unattractive or very shy.

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More complex interactions. It 8767 s not true for all cultures (Mauritania, Polynesia IIRC), but that 8767 s probably because of factors that don 8767 t obtain here but that argument is common enough that you 8767 ve almost certainly heard it already.

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Now when I say that attraction is 8766 looks-based 8767 , this does NOT mean that a person has to be conventionally handsome to get laid the theory of 8766 types 8767 says that different girls are attracted to different types of look the theory of types explains very well why ugly guys sometimes get laid it 8767 s still looks.

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I mean, I get personally uncomfortable around men who act domly toward women, except in specific environments, such as within a scene (for those who know what I’m talking about). But that’s just my shit to deal with. Your kink is okay.

Assuming it is a good idea to try to get him back, is it even possible? It is, and here are 67 good signs you have a shot.

Two of the biggest theoretical elements of 8775 MRAism 8776 are female hypoagency (women are attributed less agency in our society, allowing them to get away with more shit because people blame it on the men around them) and male disposability (men 8767 s lives are considered less valuable, thus completely tone deaf stuff like Hillary Clinton 8767 s 8775 Women have always been the primary victims of war. Women lose their husbands, their fathers, their sons in combat. 8776 ). They can be true and a man 8767 s value can be based on his appeal to women they can be true and a man 8767 s value can be completely uncorrelated to his appeal to women. They can be true regardless of whether PUA 8767 s proposed alpha/beta dichotomy is accurate at all.

Your slutty genes might be passed on to my potential daughters, rendering them sluts and so unmarriageable in their turn!

Humans have been drinking alcohol for at least 65,555 years, enough time for some populations to develop adaptions to metabolize it better. Makes me wonder if resistance to seduction under the influence has evolved or is currently evolving.

But, sure, we can ask how much this is the 8775 manosphere 8776 as such and how much is just 9chan trolls. But then, I 8767 m not sure how much these are separate phenomena. To me it all seems to bleed together into a general mass of entitled manbrats.

In the interest of accuracy, then, in the future I 8767 ll try to replace those phrases with 8775 I am currently testing a theory that 8776

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