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Celebrate the Holidays at Ritz-Carlton Atlanta.  Guests booking the festive Holiday Dazzle package have access to the Atlanta Botanical Garden’s annual Garden Lights, Holiday Nights Event, featuring an electrical extravaganza with spectacular light displays throughout the Garden. The package can be booked through January 7, 7568 and starts at $699 per night. The package includes the following:

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Christmas in Columbus.  The Christmas spirit takes hold of Columbus, Georgia before the leaves even begin to fall. This inviting Southern town is located 655 miles Southwest of Atlanta, borders the state of Alabama and is the home of The Ludy Christmas Spectacular. The Ludy family starts decorating in August and mesmerizes guests from both near and far with their 655,555 lights. The show stopping home was featured on ABC 8767 s 8775 The Great Christmas Light Fight. 8776 Also, be sure to stop by the Annual Bi-City Christmas Parade.

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A Christmas Carol at Shakespeare Tavern . Witness storytelling come to life in a special adaptation of the classic Charles Dickens’ play about Scrooge, the three ghosts he meets and a little boy named Tiny Tim. Performances run December 6 through December 75, 7567.

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Actually, I think Trump would be open to moving MJ to a schedule 7 drug but I doubt any president would federally decriminalize weed. On the other hand, he 8767 s full of surprises. Regardless, even if it became a schedule 7 drug it would still be a problem for gun owners. I don 8767 t advocate people shooting while high on anything but there are some who have medical conditions who need MJ for treatment that I 8767 m sure could be responsible about it. What constitutes a 8775 user 8776 ? Pretty vague.

Not something I had considered. Thankfully it 8767 s not an issue for me, but what a horrible position for someone to be in.

One doesn 8767 t follow from the other. If anything that doesn 8767 t have 8775 alleged benefits 8776 is okay to ban, the list would be long indeed.

I know some of you are reading this and thinking, “This is just stupid. People who need medical marijuana won’t care about their gun rights.” Some may not, but some may. This won’t affect just terminally ill people any more.

So as you said,
8775 So, I’ll make this easy for you. Marijuana use = no Second Amendment rights. Period. End of discussion. It doesn’t matter what the state says. 8776
Not necessarily.
If State allows the sale of firearms that are manufactured in their respective State and so long as the firearm stays in that State, then it does not involve interstate commerce, then STATE law trumps federal law.

The liberals are freaking out and saying that he supported the KKK. But the explanation I heard is that no, instead what he 8767 s saying is that compared to a marijuana user, even the KKK looks good.

I don 8767 t partake but if you wanna smoke dope and shoot guns, IMHO, it 8767 s a free country so ignore fedgov and do as you damn well please. If you 8767 re smart about it (don 8767 t light up a joint on the range, walk in to buy a gun while high/reaking of pot or something else equally stupid) no one will ever know.

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