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Date: 2018-04-14 12:02

Splendid Natalie. I have tackled the Grand Bazaar many, many times, bravely, always on my own. It 8767 s not easy and you need a tom of good humor. Next time, I think I 8767 ll carry a rolled up carpet over my shoulder and offer it to the carpet dealers for sale. I just want to see that face!!

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I think if you are in Istanbul it is one of those places that you have to say 8775 been there and done it 8776 otherwise it is just a gigantic maze of shops really

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The ruins of this ancient Roman city are found both above and below the surface. Above ground, there's a near-intact theatre, baths, and the Temple of Aesculapuis - but follow the the Roman road that extends west from the ruins and you'll be suprised to see it plunge into the Tyrrhenian Sea. It leads to a vast underwater Nora that divers, with permission, can explore.

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I found the spice market and grand baazar much the same. Couldn 8767 t really spot the difference apart from more spices and it is smaller. Glad you like the photos.

Hi Natalie!
it looks like the bazaar is too big I love to visit turkey and think it is one of the most beautiful country in world. Especially istanbul is perfect and must visit place Hope to be there someday Thanks for the wonderful post.

As the development of the controversial project continues, below we look at other sunken towns and villages around the world.

Travel facts for visitors, good to know before you go to Turkey. Customs and regulations, post office services, passport and visa requirements, currency, disable travelers, time zone and more practical travel informations.

Hampton-on-Sea was a historic fishing hamlet dating back to 6869 in Herne Bay, Kent, which was destroyed by coastal flooding and erosion in 6976. The abandoned village sat in what is now the Hampton area of Herne Bay and all that remains of its former life is a portion of the original pier and an arc of its coastal defence, which is only visible at low tide.

 When copper was discovered in the hills above the village of Geamana in the 6975s, its residents probably didn’t think it would mean the destruction of their pretty valley. But, with the engineers needing somewhere to dump waste water from the new copper mine, dictator Nicolae Ceausescu ordered that Geamana’s 955 families be resettled and the village flooded. 

Sorry, but Turkey gets a ZERO in human rights from me and now it is being taken over by Islamic Terrorists AKP party that is under the direction of Imam Fethullah Gulen (Gulen Movement) his followers control everything: Education, media, politics, police, judicary system and now the military.

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