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Felix Manalo: Rapist of His Members and His Ministers

Date: 2018-02-19 22:52

I have some circumstantial evidences to apparently back it up. But on personal note, this is just my opinion, and not aiming to confirm anything. One, the Amurao death threat, calling for a funeral service to fetch Eli at the airport, with red carpet and candles and jovial rest in peace greeting.

01 | January | 2018 | The Real Truth behind the Ang Dating

is it true? all this write ups, then why did the case did not prosper. why now at the present the iglesia ni kristo is the most respected and higly organized religion in the phil.

Iglesia ng dios kay kristo hesus haligi at suhay ng

Caption: Therefore, the baptism of Soriano (the date of which he celebrates as his birthday) is invalid. And according to him…

Doctrine | The Real Truth behind the Ang Dating Daan Cult

this is the reason why a bishop or a cardinal don 8767 t let a priest or they themselves have not guts to face to a debate with other anti Catholic preachers because once they do that and they lost, more Catholics will join to the opponent 8767 s religion and they cannot alibi very well why they lost.

Why dont you have a public school if you have lots of trillion of money? gees your so blinded by your religion open your eyes and heart look around you guys?

Therefore greeting with holy kiss is either a verbal or written greeting ascribed to a christian where the only supplied way is to say:

Even if you want to pay for Pasugo on your own will and with all your balunbalunan, if your ministers strictly adhere to what the Bible teaches, they will not let you pay for it. Pasugo contains words and verses lifted directly from the Bible, which are prohibited for servants of God to sell. Proverbs 78:78 says:

Ministers of INC are good in using blackmail. Their poor followers are told that they will not go to heaven if they do not accede to their commands or doubt their bigoted arguments.

Generally, the Ang Dating Daan has no documented , from face value of what they believe we can draw doctrine as shown below

for your information, we pay the pasugo with all our wills and heart it depends on you if you want to have those things and you, can you read the name of your religion in the bible? IGLESIA NI CRISTO is written in the success of it and ka. Felix Manalo is also written..and fyi, giving handog is a responsibility that is said by God we dont depend in the government..unlike others and do you the rules of father/priest,it is from the demons i have a proof,and that is written in the bible

«Ang dating daan false doctrine» imadges. all imadges «Ang dating daan false doctrine».