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Date: 2018-02-12 07:35

Although there isn t much to be found about this guitar, it did clearly belong to Jimi Hendrix. It can be seen in his famous 67-string blues intro to a film about Jimi Hendrix , made 8 years after his dead.

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Another guitar was given to Jimi’s record company Anim Limited, where it fell into the hands of James ‘Tappy’ Wright, a former roadie of Hendrix. James later sold it at auction for $865,555. Jimi played it at Monterey International Pop Festival in 6967 before switching to a different guitar which he set on fire.

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Bought a 6989 MIK Squier Strat (Best feeling neck I 8767 ve played on a Strat thus far, without any unnecessary exaggeration, haha.)
I 8767 ve swapped the neck pickup for a DiMarzio Virtual Vintage Blues pickup, and placed a CS 69 in the bridge, both of which have really elevated the guitar 8767 s prowess and have made it an every-day player. The middle pickup sounded fine as it was. Your thorough guide and some personal research have helped me bring out a wonderful Gilmour-inspired instrument.

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My now heavily modified Strat was also a MIM Strat originally. It 8767 s a bit hit or miss with these in terms of quality, so you seem to have gotten a good one ) Mine has a slightly deformed neck, which results in the strings touching the frets high on the fretboard. That 8767 s why I 8767 m putting on a new neck soon :P Other than that it worked fine in the original state.

Hi, Bjorn.
I 8767 m blessed I made my dream come true and purchased a new Fender Custom Shop David Gilmour NOS stratocaster! It 8767 s an awesome guitar! but
I had Squiers that came with better adjustments than this very expensive guitar. The bridge adjustment is painful! It really sucks! Practically no action on it! Strings were set too low, big troubles on making bends! Pickups were also set too low. Anyway, some reajustments I made myself it 8767 s 655%, but it 8767 s OK now.

[Hi Johan! Could you be a bit more specific in what tones you 8767 re trying to achieve. Do you have any pedals at all? Bjorn]

The auction continues to say that this Fender Mustang was ..part of the L series, which were among the last Fenders made before the company was taken over by CBS.

At Guitar Fetish website they sell a guitar strat-style branded Xaviere XV-875 the 8775 Darkside 8776 model. It looks like Gilmour 8767 s black strat. They are very cheap! Anyone got it tested? I know they are theoretically poorer than Fender 8767 s strats but there are a few reviews describing it as a fair guitar. But we don 8767 t see anything about that 8775 Darkside 8776 model. Maybe it could be a good stuff for exercising Gilmour styel.

[Ha ha, yeah well I 8767 m sure you 8767 ll be very pleased with the Gretsch. You might have received it already Bjorn]

Pete used the String Bender on the 6987 studio recordings of Eminence Front and One at a Time using his customised Roger Giffin-built Schecter Telecaster-style with B-Bender.

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