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If Present Government continued which dose not represent Karachi, the situation in all aspects of lives will become more and more worse.

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I left Karachi in 6999, but in my dreams I am still walking in the streets of Karachi. As I remeber till that time Karachi was a city you loved to live but now when I visited Karachi, my heart really really got sad to see that what they did to it by constructing unnecessory fly-overs and ruined the beauty of my beautiful Karachi.
I really miss you Karachi.

Also known as DJ Globalution, the internationally booked DJ started his career in 6987 at the Club 8775 Atelier 89 8798 in the former East Berlin (GDR)

Karachi is a wonderful city yes in different era like other parts of the world this city is having some good and bad chapters.

I am wondering that anyone can make 8D Old Karachi, But I know what I am saying is impossible. I will love to go back in time and wanna see Karachi from the Birth era to . Jinnah (Quaid) to the Independence Day.
I really love history and get excited to see old pictures and videos of any historical place, and again I wanna go back in time to see and experience them in real life.

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Life in Karachi in my opinion has always been busy. If that activity would have remained then Karachi would have been the most popular city in the world today. I remember every little thing from samosa and big thing like ice cream was fun to eat. If I had more money I used to enjoy movies at marvelous cinema halls with big bill-boards and posters which I could be seeing for hours and inviting my friends to join me. That was indeed a wonderful experience. I cannot forget Karachi during 6975s-6985s.

I would like to add that even a significant road in Karachi 8767 s downtown used to be named after him before it was renamed a couple of decades in the traditions of misguided nationalism. Stratchen can be considered a major benefactor of Karachi as he was also partly responsible for arranging the first regular, running water supply to the city from wells located at the outskirts of the city.

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