AJewish Father responds to his critics -

The Italian mummies preserved in mercury for almost 200

Date: 2018-02-10 07:35

The government is currently testing systems for use in public spaces which can screen for 8775 pre-crime 8776 . As Nature reports :

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Thank you Remedy Kombucha and Sarah, I 8767 d love to enter and get started making Kombucha to boost my gut health and add more probiotics to my diet in a cost effective and yummy way.

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You 8767 re an ignorant piece of shit. You give a bad name to your religion by spewing hate everywhere. Do you walk around town talking like this? Didn 8767 t think so. You 8767 re just a typical internet hater who thinks his online anonymity gives him balls of steel. In reality, yours are the words of a terribly evil person. This is some serious nazi shit you 8767 re saying.

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Some of you have zero grasp on the English language. It 8767 s like trying to read a book after it 8767 s been through a blender. I 8767 d rather jam a pencil in my eye than go on reading.

Yet others of you, who are obviously children, actually
think your opinion matters. You’re children! Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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