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Devotions for Expecting Mothers | What Matters Most

Date: 2018-02-09 20:40

Why being pro-life is bigger than saving babies, plus Esther Fleece lingers in lament, and is it OK to pray for the gift of singleness?

Dating | Boundless

What&rsquo s great about being single, plus Daniel Darling points us to the real Jesus, and is it possible for our listener to be less awkward around women?

Devotionals - Bible Gateway

True fulfillment is tough to find in this world of white noise and electronic devices. In this one-week devotional, you'll walk through discussions written for women, by women on topics of solitude, community, gratitude, and—above all—how to find rest in the wonderful promises made to you by your Savior, Jesus Christ. Runs for 7 days.

Difficulties Married Couples Face

How our life stories influence others, plus one woman's journey through abuse and deception, and a question about sexual boundaries.

Navigating sexuality as a single, plus a Christian response to soft porn, and should our listener date a guy she doesn&rsquo t like, &ldquo just in case&rdquo ?

A Guy's Guide to Marrying Well , plus Gary Thomas on the critical decade for men as they think about tying the knot, and a question about taking on commitments.

eHarmony's hedonistic ways, Ben Stein's new movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, taming the tongue, and setting boundaries.

An encouraging devotional written for single women, with insight and inspiration that will help you to appreciate the opportunities and challenges that face you.

How men can maximize dating, plus Jonathan Edwards on the effects of parental abandonment, and a listener wants to marry sooner than her boyfriend does.

How and why dating is ambiguous, plus pastor Louie Giglio illustrates the wonder of Advent, and a listener asks how much she must like a guy before dating him.

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