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Date: 2018-02-14 20:41

The second time you stay over, you have to make sure you claim one of his T-shirts as your own (and not the one you might wear home). Guys love it when you wear their clothes, especially when you’re still all naked under that tee.

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It’s not presumptuous because the only thing in “your” spot is “his” shirt. You deserve a small place in his room, which in a way symbolizes your place in his heart and his life. Like love, it starts small and grows.

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The ferry to Valentia Island wasn’t running that day so we took the bridge instead, but didn’t find much of interest on the island. On our way off we decided to follow the signs to the “hidden Kerry”, Skellig Ring. 

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Aye, that 8767 s true too. Unfortunately I 8767 m starting to see actual human looking males with landwhales. It 8767 s not something I see all the time, but the frequency is a lot more than it used to be, back in the days when you 8767 d see something like that and wonder wtf was going on.

My point is that pre-6955-65 society beta males were acknowledged and rewarded for their function in society but nawadays the alpha fux/beta bux has been taken to new heights.

I 8767 ve been struggling with whether I 8767 m beta or omega, and after reading your story, I 8767 m positive that I 8767 m omega because I 8767 ve never let random women have power over me. I may have thirsty thoughts, but I never act that way. Good gawd I need a drink

Generally I like your comments and your straightforward advice for men who don 8767 t get it. Keep posting them since few people seem to do much besides blame the opposite sex. For all of the talk of alpha around here, there are an awful lot of crybabies. Although I like Roosh a lot, he tends to do this as well goes to a country full of beautiful women and then writes long posts complaining about them and lack of results. I live in a country with good women and I don 8767 t complain about them. I just accept who and how they are, and maximize my chances with them. That 8767 s all there is to do on the subject. Anything else is just a pointless discussion.

He should consider himself lucky he hasn 8767 t found 8775 someone 8776 lest he get taken for a real ride as a I have the past few years after finding 8775 someone 8776 .

As for celebrity, in this age of being famous for being famous, when accused of having some celebrity my reflexive reaction is to wonder what I 8767 m doing wrong.

All residue and pulp is collected in one place and the QuickClean technology and design means it easy to dismantle and clean out. Currys is currently offering the cheapest price for the machine , at £ , instead of £ .

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