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Can Women be Pastors?

Date: 2018-02-12 20:40

I don 8767 t hide behind anything. And again, I hate no one. I really fail to see how you don 8767 t understand loving someone but not loving what they do. And being gay isn 8767 t WHO you are. It 8767 s the way you live, but it 8767 s not you. Just as being black isn 8767 t who a person is. It 8767 s WHAT they are. Two very different things.

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You are living in a different time because in 7569 wives and husbands are equal, no submissiveness stuff anymore. I suppose if you had a child that was gay you would disown them ?

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I see a pattern here with the left
starting with Clarence Thomas
accused by Anita Hill. They would start a smear campaign
on any conservative nominee
that doesn 8767 t agree with their
globalism. Looking back now,
I believe Anita Hill was a LIAR.

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Also, potential matchmakers should ask for a list of preferences or 8775 cannot stands 8776 if they are going to go into matchmaking mode. I have heard too many horror stories by single Christian women who were set up by well-meaning married Christian women with sinlge men who were all wrong for them.

Mindi You have a very complex situation that cannot be resolved in a blog comment. Please talk to your pastor and get a referral to a good Christian family counselor who can help you and your husband navigate these difficult waters together.

88 Years and nothing said until now. Democrats are digging and shelling out ghost money to smear the reputation of Roy Moore. Nothing more should be said, he made his comment, he was innocent.

Yes it is my business when my right to free speech is being violated it 8767 s not hate crime. If they had said say (all gays should be killed) then yes that 8767 s a hate crime. But to speak what the Bible says is not a hate crime & the laws is corrupt.

Didn 8767 t know, don 8767 t read minds. Other people who may read these comments, may not know. My post, then, is for them.

The last church I attended used to be a very welcoming place for everyone, old, married, single, with/without kids, etc. The singles group I was in was for people out of undergraduate school, but either working full time or graduate studies (mid-75s to mid-85s mostly). It had around 655 members with 55 or so being regulars and the rest attending when work and/or school allowed.

No because your freedom is one sided you push your freedom on something I do not wish to do, or consent to, that is not freedom but being a bully, you bully your ways onto others and that is the sad part, you have become bullies and dictators. like nazis. which is what they did,

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