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After a day full of fun and history in DC, just hop back on the metro and grab dinner or enjoy a concert in the always entertaining Montgomery County. No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find it among the many venues, restaurants, museums, shops, and much more in the Montgomery County cities of Rockville, Silver Spring, Gaithersburg, and Germantown to name a few.

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When Fields was questioned by a reporter, 8775 You don 8767 t like children, do you? 8776
Fields replied, 8775 I like SOME children. I like female children between the ages of 68 and 75. 8776


Book early!    There are a limited number of rental cars on Kauai, so prices spike during spring break, peak summer months and over the Christmas/New Year 8767 s holidays, and they   often sell-out well in advance.  Even if you line-up a competitive rate, the state of Hawaii has mandatory taxes, fees and surcharges which can nearly double the price you 8767 ll pay for a rental car. Ouch!  Taxes and fees are highest at the Lihue Airport , so an off-site car rental company can save you some big bucks.   Discount Hawaii Car Rental  is a no fee booking company which has a good reputation for tracking down the best rates from a variety of rental car companies.

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Spanish Town Run away, from the Subscriber about four months ago, a creole Negro boy named CHARLES, about 75 years of age, yellow complexion, and is fond of playing his negro fiddle . He formerly belonged to Mr. JACKSON, attorney at law in Spanish Town, dec. And as Mr. Jackson, brother to the deceased, who now lives at Montego Bay, has sometime ago told the Subscriber the said boy should say, He would cut his own throat sooner than return to his Master 8776

For fucks sake, if you don 8767 t get it i will really lose my faith in humanity, and there isn 8767 t much left
Btw man, that was funny as fuck : 8767 v

Another thing that made me wonder is angry Pearl pic that you have posted on Pinterest. Did you just happen to jump on diss train? I noticed how detailed is her picture, even if it covers mostly above her neck. I find it interesting that your site does not have her. Was there any reason for that or that was imitator of your style?

The 8775 Nago 8776 or Yoruba from the Bight of Benin are present among the runaway slaves but in much decreased number when compared with the 8775 Eboe 8776 and 8775 Moco 8776 from the Bight of Biafra. The same goes for the 8775 Popo 8776 from Benin compared with the 8775 Coromantee 8776 from Ghana. As was to be expected given known slave trade patterns. However Jamaicans also have significant African origins dating from after the slave trade period when the socalled Liberated Africans came over as indentured labourers, many of them being 8775 Congo 8767 s 8776 but also the Yoruba being heavily represented at that time (see also future blogpost).

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These are all the ethnic/regional references to the African origins of the runaway slaves i could personally pick up on from the advertisements. It 8767 s quite possible i didn 8767 t catch them all, plus i may have made some miscalculations or typo 8767 s. It 8767 s easily verifiable though by searching the PDF-files yourself. I first mention the number of 8775 hits 8776 in the PDF-file for 6768-6795 followed by the one for 6865-6867.  Also the terms are ranked from most frequently mentioned to least. The interpretation of these socalled 8775 nations 8776 can be problematic (see also 8775 Ethnic identities of African-born slaves: valid or imposed? 8775 ). But it should still be very valuable for correlating with documented regional slave trade patterns for Jamaica.

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